Fine Cut

Profile Grinding


Corporate philosophy

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible solutions for their applications in the fields of forming and shaping technology and precision processing. To this end we direct all our expertise in the areas of precision cutting, pressing, stamping, profile and flat surface grinding,

heat treatment and assembly. We are small enough to respond with a high degree of flexibility,

but if required, we can also design complete production lines in order to meet our customers’ requirements for large scale series production in the most cost-effective and reliable way.

Ready-to-install assemblies are our speciality. We are therefore delighted to serve customers who have the most stringent requirements.


Facts and figures about Rüster

Turnover of Rüster: 12 million euros per annum. Number of employees: 85. Total surface area of covered premises: 7000 m2 Customers: subcontractors to the automotive industry, textile machine manufacturers, mechanical engineering, plant manufacturing and electrical equipment companies, electrical appliance industry.



Established 1949 as a press shop manufacturing sinkers for the textile machine industry. First grinding machines purchased to meet high technical requirements. Introduction of precision pressing in the mid seventies. From this time on, increase in products for the automotive industry, primarily for diesel fuel-injection pumps. Grinding facility expanded to 40 mainly CNC grinding machines today.

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